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Therapeutic Drama

Therapeutic drama is drawn from drama therapy techniques, applied theater, educational drama, and playwriting and performance for self-expression, growth, and confidence. Through the use of therapeutic and expressive techniques, the client is able to process emotional and psychological issues at a very deep level. By using story generation and acting out of their issues both directly and through the use of metaphor, the client expands the repertoire of roles they can successfully play in their lives. They move beyond their identification with past trauma and limits to their confidence and self-expression, becoming more empowered, vibrant individuals.


We all get to places in our lives where we feel stuck, confused, or we lack motivation.  A coach acts as a partner or guide, to help you find the answers within yourself as you move to a better, more fulfilling place in your life.

At Personal Plays Life coaching, we focus on:

  • Clarity and Purpose in your Life
  • Transitions
  • Career Changes
  • Creative Projects
  • Relationship Issues
  • Transition to Motherhood
  • Balancing Personal Identity and Motherhood

Psychology of Coaching

Coaching was based on the philosophy of several psychologists including: Selegman, who coined the term “positive psychology” and believes people can develop more of a sense of control over their lives; Maslow, who studied happy and successful people and what they were doing “right” rather than looking at what unhappy and dysfunctional people were doing “wrong”; and Carl Rogers, who developed “humanistic” and “client centered” psychology.

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching views clients as naturally creative, whole, and resourceful. In clinical psychology, there is more of a perspective that the client is in some way “sick”, and the therapist helps “fix” them.  While psychotherapy dwells more in the past, coaching clients are ready to move forward. Coaching is goals oriented or “intention” based.  The client and coach work together to figure out the goals and issues on which the client wants to focus and then develop creative solutions.

Take the time to create the story of your life — don’t let it create you!

  • Articulate your vision of what you want to accomplish for yourself, within your family
  • Define your goals and the best way to go for them
  • Clarify your values, priorities, and Life Purpose
  • Stay focused and true to yourself
  • Release obstacles “out there” or in your mind
  • Develop your talents and abilities to attain your goals
  • Live a richer, more balanced, more fulfilling life

Coaching can be via phone, Skype, or in person in the Montclair, NJ area.

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