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NadineTraining and Education

Nadine holds a BA in English and Psychology, magna cum laude, from Cornell University, an MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver, and an MFA in Theater from Sarah Lawrence College.   She has completed the coaching training program at ILCT (Institute for Life Coach Training), accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).   In addition, she is a Board Certified Life Coach (BCC). Nadine is currently working toward her registry in drama therapy through the Alternative Training Track of NADT. She is passionate about stepping into new worlds, and believes each person deserves an audience for their unique life story.

Artistic Work

In addition, Nadine is a published playwright, actor, theater educator, and parent. Nadine has taught theater to undergraduates at Lehman College, middle school students at Montclair Cooperative School, elementary school students in Ann Arbor Michigan and through Creative Theater in NJ. She is also the co-founder of Calliope Youth, offering theater based leadership and socio-emotional development programs for kids.

Her plays, which explore women’s issues and current social issues, have been produced across the US and developed in theaters and festivals throughout NYC: Veils, The Way to Summer, Miss Valentine, Opportunity of a Lifetime, Seize the Day After, Female Factor, The Almost Baby, Waiting for Fame to Come, Gitel and Rivka. She has empowered women all over the country through her play and one-woman show, In the Shadow of My Son, based on the lives of women who experienced and recovered from postpartum depression.

“Through all my work, coaching, drama therapy, theater and parenting, I offer hope and the possibility of living a more harmonious life.”

Orange_Flower_by_VixxyboThe First Visit: A Coaching Story, by Nadine Bernard

The client welcomes me at her door. A faint smile ripples across her lips and then disappears. Worry lines crease her forehead. She’s been expecting me, since our first phone call, and she’s hopeful, I can see it. . .but she’s scared.

“What if coaching is another one of my grand ideas,” she questions silently, “that lifts me up for a moment and then drops to the ground with all my other attempts, left, forgotten?”

I want to comfort her. “There is hope!” I reassure her in an unspoken voice. “I know it, and if you accept me as your guide, we can illuminate your future together.”

I take out my notebook, and she begins her story. It tugs at my curiosity as I journey through her life, her disappointments, frustrations, worries. But it is a life, rich and warm. It wants to be nurtured and to grow.

I ask her to stop a moment. What are her hopes and dreams? “She is asking me what is truly in my heart,” my client thinks.

And then the long lost passions start to flow. And they dance around her as we both see them, projected as images on our minds. Her smile lingers now and her eyes are shining. And I am fascinated by this life and the journey we will take together.

I am drawn into her world. . .every time.

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