Personal Plays “Healing through Drama!” | Montclair NJ

Personal Plays “Healing through Drama!”

Personal Plays offers services to:

Kids and Teens

  • support in overcoming social and performance anxiety, school anxiety, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and developing self-esteem and confidence with self-expression.
  • support for kids and teens suffering from past trauma, overcoming the difficulty of transition as an immigrant, working through issues around divorce, and adoption separation and attachment
  • anxiety over learning disabilities
  • support for kids who have a sibling with special needs
  • seniors needing support expressing themselves in college entrance essays

College Students and Recent College Grads

  • self doubt and conflict about identity and future goals
  • suffering from social or performance anxiety, interpersonal relationships, networking
  • support expressing themselves in personal essays and letters of introduction for their careers


  • Exploring identity and personal choices as a mother
  • Career transition
  • Overcoming postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Defining purpose and life goals
  • improving interpersonal relationships
  • finding their voice and confidence
  • overcoming social anxiety

Nadine offers private sessions and is also available to schools and organizations for small groups and individual consultations in therapeutic drama.

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What People Are Saying

Nadine is patient, talented, and intuitive, and my daughter thoroughly enjoys working with her. We recommend Nadine without hesitation. -- F. C., Parent of coaching student and client

Nadine has a gift in working with Adolescents. Her calm, sweet energy is contagious and her knowledge is vast. Our students grew as confident individuals due to her warm enthusiastic way and willingness to share her knowledge. -- Michaela Glynn, Montclair Cooperative School

Nadine helped the kids understand the path to structured improvement, the nuances of delivery, and most importantly turned out kids who enjoyed her workshop and felt confident. The kids felt respected and loved; all in all a great experience! -- Aparna Vasisht, Montclair Cooperative School Parent

Our daughter was able to get in touch with her feelings and be creative in new ways. -- Montclair Parent

He affirmed his values with his peers which is so important. -- Montclair Parent

I have found that working with Nadine feels like sharing coffee with a wise friend – comfortable, open, and honest. Nadine is someone in whom you can easily confide even the most perplexing or daunting of situations, and she will hold you accountable for doing the challenging work of exploring aspects of your personality that contribute to your successes and failures. Nadine helped me to reshape some of my major, negative trains of thought that were limiting my potential for success and happiness. She has given me the tools I need to move forward in a more confident, self-assured manner in every aspect of my life. I am now gainfully and happily employed in a new job that is meaningful to me, and I am living in a new city that brings me endless joy. Kudos to Nadine and her life-coaching talents! She is exceptionally gifted, and the recent outcomes in my life are proof positive of her coaching skills. -- Sarah M., Washington, DC

I have really enjoyed my experience with Life Coaching and with working with Nadine. She immediately made me comfortable with the process and helped me to create a road map of what we were going to work on. The journey has been incredible and so rewarding. Nadine is very compassionate, extremely thoughtful and very motivating. She has gently pushed me in the direction I have been wanting to go but haven't been able to get to on my own. -- Katie Thomas, Brooklyn, NY

What I most appreciated about life coaching with Nadine was the perspective shift I received, the feeling of possibility beyond my stuckness, and the simple solutions and actions for moving forward in my career and family life. Nadine was present with me in a way that felt intimate and specific to my situation; I felt cared for and supported and listened to in a way that helped empower me to make changes. -- Stacy L., Bloomfield, NJ

I just finished 8 weekly sessions with Nadine and they were invaluable. Nadine helped me navigate both the crowded contents of my head and my life’s latest challenges so I could successfully arrive at a truly focused vision for my immediate future. Together, we uncovered the strengths and abilities I had lying dormant within myself (as opposed to telling me what she thought I needed to do) and activated my truest passions and turned them into a clear direction for me to take my career in—while also putting them in context with my new role as a parent. Lots of gratitude for Nadine! -- Jade Newkirk, Montclair, NJ

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